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I have creative projects scattered all over the internet. A friend suggested that I gather a few together all in one place, so I will start adding a few highlights on this links page. Let me know if you have any favorite Will Hale items to feature.  Thanks! Will Hale 


10 Ways to get and keep kids attention is one of my most popular presentations at educational conferences and professional development trainings. 

 We recently added a link at the top of my website.  
Here is a preview summary version you can download in the meantime. 



Have you seen the most viewed Will Hale Tadpole Parade youtube video? 30,000 views!

I play the Acorn Song at the end of almost every one of my concerts. It’s a fantastic way to get kids chilled out after plenty of intense air guitar jamming. This is a fairly wobbly version. It usually goes even smoother. I would like to record a new version teachers and parents can use. This one seems to be pretty popular anyway. 


The HEARTFUL HARMONY SYSTEM is my latest project.

After years of preparation I am happy to begin sharing this simple transformative process I have used and developed over decades of personal experience.

You can sign up for the free Harmony Refresh Quick Start Gifts here

          Heartfulness is our natural state of Harmony

                  Heartfulness is a process of being who you are and becoming more of all you are.

The Heartful Harmony System 

The Heartful Harmony System involves four major milestones.

  • Heartful Harmony Refresh
  • Heartful Living
  • The 12 Life Treasures
  • The Gift of Everything
On a related topic, what do WILL HALE, Panache Desai, Maria Shriver, Deepak Chopra, Sonia Choquette, Ram Dass, Guy Finley, Tama Kieves, Michael Beckwith, Chris Grosso, Jack Canfield and Kute Blackson all have in common? We are all contributing writers at!

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                             Every Heart -- Message of Hope and Inspiration
                              Music by Lynn McKenna

      My friend Lynn McKenna wrote this beautiful song, Every Heart. I love, love, love the pure heart of her voice!
      I made this video with quite a few of my original photos, including my sister Cindy’s Heart Rock.


      Did you know Will Hale is featured in the fun rock star recipe book, 

      Food That Rocks by Margie Lapanja, Cindy Coverdale? In good company with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jacqueline Pierce, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sarah McLachlan, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, John Lodge of The Moody Blues, Alex Ligertwood of Santana, Brian May of Queen, David Coverdale of Deep Purple & Whitesnake.

      My classic peanut butter on toast with corn chips sandwich was one of my favorite recipes I shared and of course we could not record a Tadpole Parade CD without my Mom’s homemade banana bread!


      For many years I produced, FAMILY GROOVE a weekly kids music program at KFAI Community Radio

      We consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional purple dinosaur “Children’s Music” geared for 1-3 year olds, by providing music that can open the doors of awareness to the unlimited possibilities of music, to blaze a trail for a smooth transition to music kids will never have to outgrow.

      You can listen to a full Family Groove program archived here.

      I made a Spotify playlist to share some of our favorite Family Groove music. Get your groove on!

      Have you noticed? Just about every Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade song is available on Spotify to stream any time you like! Plus I get a 100th of a penny royalty every time you listen, WoooHooo!

      You can get a Spotify music account for free if you don’t already have one.


      I Love Water - Relaxing River – We Stand for Harmony – We Stand for Life 

      This is one of the best trickling river recordings I have ever heard. It was recorded by professional studio engineers with microphones that cost more than my car! This is the river sounds you can hear at the end of my version of Brokedown Palace on my Grateful Kids CD.

      A very affordable 60 minute downloadable audio version of I Love Water is available at CD Baby.

      I am deeply passionate about preserving and protecting our fresh water and encouraging lifestyles more in Harmony with Nature.

      Living in Minnesota I am keenly aware of Water, with the genuine Land of 10,000 lakes, the headwaters of the Mississippi River starting in Lake Itasca flowing 2,350 miles, Lake Superior as the largest fresh water lake in the world and 1,090,000-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota is a vital source of fresh water on the planet.

      We need to stop all the current threats from toxic mining proposals and a dependence on fossil fuels demanding dangerous pipelines anywhere near these precious water resources. We are not only saving our lives by protecting water, we are wholly responsible to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

      Click here to be part of the I Love Water movement with a variety of downloadable I Love Water images. 
      Concern is not an action. We need to do something. 


      I made this page for my traditional Mother's Day post but it needs to be up EVERY DAY!
      Because I really LOVE MY MOTHER!

      I have added Fathers, Family and other verses to my live performances. I need to record a new version.


      A song by Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade
      Featuring 400 very loud kids that Love their Mothers!

      If you Love your mother, sing it loud! 
      and please share this song link with others. 

      Live Family Concert Recording                 

      I Love My Mother – Will Hale
      (© 2009 Will Hale)

      I missed the bus on the day it rained
      Mom drove me to school and she never complained

      I love my mother      I love my mother!
         I love my mother      I love my mother!
      I love my mother cause she’s so good to me.

      My Mom says I am brilliant a gifted child
      She must be right cause I feel gifted now!

      Chorus   I love my mother      I love my mother! 

      I was crying in the middle of the night
                    It was a terrible dream until she turned on the light

      Chorus   I love my mother      I love my mother! 

      Instrumental solo 

      She’s working on Monday        Working on Tuesday
      Working every day to buy me food and clothing

      Chorus   I love my mother    

      I love my mother   I love my mother   I love my mother   I love my mother!
      I love my mother and I know my mother loves me
      I love my mother  and I know   my mother loves 
      And your mother loves and your mother loves because every mother loves   You and me!

      Will Hale & The Tadpole Parade
      Rock Concerts for Kids

      Legacy – Original Piano Compositions by Floyd Wallace (1934-2015) 

      "Many people die with their music still in them.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

      Thankfully, before his passing February 28, 2015, my friend Floyd Wallace left us the gift of his musical legacy: Compositions crafted though his lifetime and held closely with only a few friends and family. In his final days Floyd personally selected the compositions to be included in this compilation. Through his creativity and generosity, the treasure of Floyd’s music is now available to the whole world. Enjoy! 

      You can listen to the whole Legacy album by clicking here or visit Spotify and search Floyd Wallace. 

      Hard copy CDs are available at CD Baby

      I am honored that Floyd trusted me as a friend to hear his cherished music and allow me to share it with you now.

      “It has been an absolute joy to discover Floyd Wallace's compositions. There is an elegance to his writing style that is reminiscent of Rachmaninoff and Chopin -- Wallace's characteristic left-hand flows like a river underneath a graceful melody. 

      His pieces are at times a clever compositional jigsaw puzzle, comprised of fugues and intricately crafted harmonic structures, and at other times are beautiful understated and blissfully introspective. 

      Any classically trained pianist would take joy in learning Wallace's pieces, as his music is a wonderful synthesis of Romantic era emotionalism and harmony with a modern twist. Sophisticatedly and artistically crafted, Floyd Wallace's music leaves listeners with a sweet combination of nostalgia and wonder.” 

      Dan Musselman, Ph.D. 
      Professor of Composition and Music Theory 
      McNally Smith College of Music 


      Brent Mydland and Jerry Garcia Tribute - After I'm Gone

      Free Song Download of After I'm Gone - Right Click Here

      I wrote AFTER I'M GONE three days after being at Brent Mydland’s last show. 
      This song is dedicated to all the great musicians that continue to touch our hearts even after they are gone.

      You can listen to the whole GRATEFUL KIDS album, full versions of every song for free including a nice version of BROKEDOWN PALACE at

      Post your favorite Brent shows/songs/stories in the comments.


      Will Hale
      Tadpole Parade

      Free Song Download of After I'm Gone - Click Here

      More music by Will Hale and Tadpole Parade

      This was a spontaneous pre-show sound check jam!

      Note to Family and Friends: 
      Please play After I'm Gone at my funeral. Thanks! Will Hale

      We Love Rebecca!

      Vi Ameamo!

      I have creative projects scattered all over the internet. A friend suggested that I gather a few together all in one place, so I will sta...